Engine detecting spam and virus via mail inspection

Cyren Anti-spam delivers proven and industry-leading detection, allowing real-time blocking of spam and phishing in any language or format with virtually no false positives. Anti-Spam is provided in two types: Outbound and Inbound.

  • Flexible engine, suitable as an core or a complementary layer.
  • Blocks any type of attacker, including zombie computers, compromised/ spammer accounts, and webmail spam.
  • Multiple plugin options , and delivered via a comprehensive SDK (daemon or share library)
  • Scales to hundreds of messages/sec per single processor
  • Integrates easily into existing platforms, minimizing costs and time-to-market.
  • Uses low resources-Cyren’suniquely small footprint fits any hardware or software environment without affecting performance.
  • Blocks spam, malware, and phishing originating on internal infrastructure in real-time. (outbound)
  • Identifies the source, alerts the abuse/fraud detection team, and provides samples of unwanted traffic. (outbound)
Anti Spam Inbound
Anti Spam Outbound


Increase customer satisfaction : from industry-leading high spam and phishing catch rates, coupled with near-zero false positives.

Anti-Spam Inbound

  • Reduce hardware - with a proven, high performance, low maintenance solution
  • Low TCO - CYREN Unified engine can deliver multiple security services, so you can add new features with minimal engineering
  • Simple integration - provided by a wide variety of industry-standard plugins
  • Free up skilled staff - there’s no need to keep up with new spam attack tactics, and detection management

Anti-Spam Outbound

  • Protect your reputation - Blocking outbound spam at the right time stops you being blocked and improves your reputation with your customers, other networks, and block list providers
  • Reduce cost - Eliminate the expense of resolving blocked IP, handling angry customers, and increased hardware and support staff
  • Simple integration - Industry standard plugins make deployment easy and fast

Anti-spam Inbound is suitable for

A wide range of hardware and software endpoints
and offerings such as messaging gateways and
mail transfer agents (MTA), unified threat
management solutions (UTM) and firewalls,
secure email gateways, other Antivirus
software, and desktop applications.

Anti-spam Outbound is suitable for

A wide range of service providers

More security with this product for your customers.